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Strategy and planning for effective marketing

Our award-winning creative communications are driven by insight-led strategy.

We’ve published a practical guide so you can do it too.

Read on for a flavour of what to expect or download the guide here

First Principles

This chapter lays out the broad principles and a simple step-by-step approach that takes you from a ‘client brief’ to an ‘internal brief’ you can use with an agency or internal team tasked with solving a communications problem.



Are you sure you know what you’re doing? In this chapter, we will look at objectives. The first question to ask yourself when looking at a new brief is: Is the objective clear?


Brand & Product

Is the brand or product clear? In this chapter, we will take a look at brand and product. Once you have clarified your objective, you need to define what your campaign is selling.



Is the audience clear? This chapter explains how to tackle and define audiences.



Is the context clear? Context provides essential information about the audience, environment, and circumstances that shape the meaning and impact of your campaign.



Is there an insight? In this chapter, we explore what an insight is and how to build it into a proposition.


Internal Brief

Is there an internal brief? “When forced to work within a strict framework, the imagination is taxed to its utmost – and will produce its richest ideas. Given total freedom, the work is likely to sprawl.” - TS Eliot


We hope you enjoy the series, please feel free to message Mark, our strategy partner and MD, directly with your thoughts and comments by getting in touch.



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