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DELOITTE | BRAND An engaging video campaign, highlighting the hallmarks of Deloitte’s approach and the value of their M&A division

deloitte video campaign


The brief
Deloitte is the mergers and acquisitions adviser of choice for some of the most respected serial acquirers on the planet. With their ongoing success in this area, they wanted to champion their M&A capabilities, communicating them to a wider platform to engage more with both new and existing clients.

The challenge
Merger and acquisition details don’t always make the most thrilling reads or media pieces. When Deloitte approached us to create M&A communications to support their marketing and sales, we knew we needed to design a stimulating creative that appealed to their audience while staying on message and maintaining focus on the key data. Our challenge was to produce an engaging video campaign, highlighting the hallmarks of Deloitte’s approach and the value that their M&A division brings to the table.

Our solution
Our team utilised information on the company’s world class methodology and seamless services to weave an engaging narrative. Transforming the data into a storyline ensured the video campaign was well-received, helping Deloitte successfully promote their M&A division both within the company and with clients, introducing their offerings to a wider audience. The video’s success is evidenced by
the fact that three years on it’s still one of the M&A divisions preferred sales and marketing campaign tools.

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