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AB INBEV | INTERNAL An internal video campaign for InBev's 100+ Accelerator Programme

AB InBev video campaign


With corporate social responsibility in mind, brewing giants AB InBev set up the 100+ Accelerator programme. The programme aimed to mobilise the world’s brightest minds to solve some of the most pressing global sustainability issues. AB InBev looked for partners who could deliver breakthrough advancements in water stewardship, farming productivity, product upcycling, responsible sourcing, green logistics and more. They developed ten challenges with input from colleagues and third-party experts around the world.

The Challenge

As part of its CSR efforts, we created an internal campaign for their 100+ Accelerator Programme. The campaign was a chance for AB InBev to showcase their commitments regarding the 100+ initiatives, share the challenges they were facing, and outline how they were tackling them.

The Solution

We created five separate videos, combined into a single overarching content piece, with a combination of 2D animation and motion graphics. As a global company, thoughtful stylisation was necessary to ensure the message hit home across several markets and countries. To ensure the internal campaign was engaging and relatable to all those in AB InBev’s local offices, we used animation to foster inclusion. The campaign’s success was seen in good reception across the business and in the instrumental role it played in helping AB InBev achieve the highly recommended award for ethical corporate business.

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