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ODX | BRAND Communicating the advantages of ODX's complex financial technology

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ODX is a B2B fintech provider that offers digital white-labelled solutions for banks, helping them efficiently address the banking needs of small businesses. With sales expansion plans underway in the US, ODX was in need of a campaign to support their growth by communicating the advantages of their technology to C-suite stakeholders in a simple and engaging way. 

The Challenge
Creating an explainer campaign for ODX, it was vital for us to showcase how ODX’s seemingly complex service could be facilitated by them for high-level decision-making banking. We needed to produce a video aimed at helping C suite level individuals truly understand the technology and its benefits. The project approach echoed one of our key beliefs: complex doesn’t equal complicated.  
Our Solution
We deconstructed strong technical jargon into simple and understandable terms, offering an efficient and to-the-point explanation about ODX’s technology. Using visual storytelling, we developed an engaging narrative around the ODX platform’s functionality and the benefits of implementing it for banks. A flagship content piece on their website, the campaign is now used as a staple of all communications throughout the organisation.
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