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SUPERCEDE | BRAND Selling a digital-first service to a 'digital-second' industry

Supercede brand (1)


The Challenge

How to explain a complex digital-first product to customers that traditionally work offline. 

Supercede is a new brand in the reinsurance market.  They are an independent reinsurance technology company that supports, rather than disintermediates, the traditional tripartite value chain.They offer a digital ecosystem to brokers, reinsurers and cedents to network, analyse data and facilitate placements.

With a brand new name and a complex service to communicate to a broad audience with specific pain points, they approached us to help them make a splash.


The Solution

A multi-channel digital campaign that explains their complex offer, including video, static and video collateral for different social media activations, banners and email campaigns.

Initially, we worked with Supercede to develop a comprehensive launch strategy, which informed the creative work we delivered.

We began by creating a hero film explaining the whole Supercede ecosystem, but designed it so it could be edited into shorter videos for three individual audiences – brokers, reinsurers and cedents.

As well as video content, we also repurposed imagery from the campaign to create supporting digital banners for web, social media and email – both at launch and after.





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