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DALLA CORTE | BRAND A wide-reaching content campaign that flexed across digital and social outputs

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The Challenge
Dalla Corte already had a top of the line product – a no-holds-barred, luxury-grade coffee machine for baristas. What Dalla Corte was looking for was a way to communicate both the uncompromising quality of the product and the high degree to which it could be personalised.

Our Solution
Partnering with an agency called VB 65, we developed a wide-reaching content campaign that flexed across digital and social outputs. Communicating its uniqueness and customisability, we created visual and storytelling assets for a slick launch film along with social media cutdowns, and we developed high resolution imagery for web. Through evocative product shots and stylised animation, we brought to life how the Dalla Corte brand is bringing in a new era in coffee-making.

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