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EMAAR | BRAND An exclusive sneak peek at the plans for the Dubai Creek Harbour development using AR

emaar augmented reality



Global property developer Emaar wanted to unveil an exclusive sneak peek at the plans for their Dubai Creek Harbour development, allowing people to discover its impressive amenities and features in greater detail and encouraging them to invest in the location. However, it isn't an easy task to provide a vision of the future – of what a development will look like before it’s built.

The Challenge

Emaar approached us about creating an immersive digital experience that allowed people to explore the development before construction was complete. Experiential content usually involves a big, costly installation, but they wanted something extremely portable and flexible, leveraging augmented reality and 3D printing. The largest AR project we’ve ever taken on, the experience needed to span over 300 buildings in 11 different districts. With a vast amount of information to communicate, we needed to incorporate everything into a single experience that didn’t overwhelm.

The Solution

We built an augmented reality app to accompany a 4 x 3m model of the planned development, showing how it would look in the future while providing a highly portable experience. We closely tracked the physical model with AR Kit, enabling the CGI to lay directly on top of it. Utilising 3D projections allowed multiple people to simultaneously interact with the model while each having a unique experience.

Focusing on the discovery, we hid countless Easter eggs throughout to enrich the user experience. Though technologically demanding, we succeeded in developing an engaging and immersive interactive experience that visually and creatively demonstrated Emaar’s transformation of their locations and people’s experiences within them.

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