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ESA | BRAND Highly technical data displayed in a visually engaging way

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Our studio was commissioned by the European Space Agency to create a series of 
testimonial videos called Growthbusters, which focused on TCarta and AstroCast: two companies that have received ESA funding and gone on to display industry-transforming innovation and success.

The objective of this series was to convince national donors and delegates to continue funding the Agency, and to encourage small businesses to apply for the grant. We achieved this by highlighting the success stories of these ESA-funded companies in wildly different sectors, ensuring that our choices both engaged our viewership and impressed on them the enormous possibilities of space technology.

The main challenge we faced was presenting highly technical data in a visually engaging way. For example, TCarta uses detailed metrics and electromagnetic satellite data to measure the depth of the ocean floor. Making this information palatable to the layman, especially without a proper script or established tone of voice, required us to devise a creative strategy from our own research and insights. We visually simplified the message, even adding a dash of humour by including a man on a boat sending a ruler to the bottom of the ocean. We used this simple imagery to provide a contrast with complex satellite networks, incrementally building upon an initially very simple central idea.

Our design approach involved using strong and colourful branding logos and guidelines to visualise diverse space-based services and bring potentially dry concepts to life. The themes of the video didn’t call for much character creation, but we nevertheless turned what could have been a fairly unimaginative animation into something both inspiring and easily comprehensible.

This project was a great opportunity for us to hop onto an immensely impactful project that pushes the limits of human technological achievement. After all, our studio is all about making the future happen, today.

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