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GSK | BRAND A visually engaging infographic series about allergies and the effective relief of GSK's Piriton

As one of the first projects for Mediacom Beyond Advertising, Nucco were presented with an exciting brief for the client GSK and their well-known brand Piriton – An allergy and hay fever relief medicine.
The brief
The brief was to create a visually engaging animated infographic series of YouTube pre-rolls, to inform viewers on the stimulants and symptoms of a variety of allergies, and educate them on the effective relief Piriton can provide. The campaign is aimed at targeting the UK national mass market audience and bringing awareness towards families, parents and their kids about the causes, symptoms and relief of allergies.

The planning
In order to communicate the right message, leveraging key statistics and deciding how to visually illustrate them in the most effective style and design, enabled an exciting proposition to differentiate the video from the traditional norm for brands in this category.

Alongside the content planning, envisioning the creative and design strategy of the project entailed having a detailed understanding of the client GSK and their brand Piriton. Working closely with Mediacom Art Director Mike and looping in the consistent feedback to the development enabled clear direction and accredited greatly to its creative control throughout the whole process.

The creative & design process
The project starts with visual development and storyboarding, ideas, characters and style frames are presented and iteratively designed and developed in conjunction with the storyboard creation, as well as experimenting with mood boards and colour palettes.

The final storyboard is then laid and timed parallel over a transcript for the final voice-over in the animatic phase. Most commonly, the voiceover is done prior to final animation, so a mock-up version is practised by the lovely amateur Nucco voice talents to have a guide for timing.

The result
As a result, this project for Piriton was a fantastic achievement for those at GSK and Mediacom and for Nucco. The animation infographic is set to having a pre-roll on video sharing platforms, such as You Tube. This means the potential reach is huge for GSK. With the recent release being this week, the animation falls in line perfectly with the seasonality in demand for allergy relief tablets, making it more relevant than ever. What makes this project so unique to Nucco is the originality and twist on pharmaceutical advertising. Its take on a visually affective tone of voice to depict medical data for Piriton in an infographic explanimation style of storytelling, breaking down the misconceptions to the boundaries of data driven industries and brands in advertising.

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GSK infographic
GSK infographic


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