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QATALOG | BRAND Bringing thought leadership to the big screen


The Challenge

Qatalog builds intelligent software that helps organisations collaborate effectively, improves visibility, and drives engagement.

They approached us with the goal of demonstrating their expertise in the space, with a particular focus on the rapid changes in the way we work and the intersection with technology.

Ep02 6

The Solution

We developed a four-part video campaign modelled on the popular Netflix Explained series. Each episode centred on a specific theme related to Qatalog’s area of interest and featured thought leaders from around the world comparing and contrasting their views in a casual, conversational format.

To tie each episode together, we created a voice-over narrative, and we used intermittent animation to drive engagement, support complicated ideas and emphasise salient points in the material.

You can watch the first three episodes here


Ep03 6


Ep02 5

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