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ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY & SAMSUNG | LEARNING An app that makes Shakespeare relatable.

samsung royal shakespeare company interactive experience


We worked with The Royal Shakespeare Company and Samsung to create a multi-modal learning app. RE:Shakespeare includes augmented reality and interactive experiences that help high school students unlock Shakespeare’s language, transforming difficult lines into fun lyrical challenges, and helping students to reinterpret, re-mix and perform original and modern interpretations of Shakespeare. 

With RE:Shakespeare, the Royal Shakespeare Company has successfully reproduced the classic play, Much Ado about Nothing, into mobile content that contains modern and entertaining elements.

A number of well-known British actors, including David Tennant, who hosted the app, showed their commitment to make Shakespeare more engaging for pupils.

Shakespeare’s works are not only a great British treasure, they have also had a huge influence on literature around the world,” said Won-Pyo Hong, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Samsung Electronics. “That is why we launched this campaign: to use technology to help preserve the world’s cultural heritage, and at the same time inspire our customers by combining digital technology and classic literature.

Samsung plans to build on the momentum from RE:Shakespeare by expanding similar programs, in order to give teenagers from around the world the opportunity to look back on their cultural heritage and history through digital devices.

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