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UKRI | BRAND Motion branding assets for UKRI’s digital presence

UKRI motion branding logo

UKRI motion branding


Branding has changed. Digital content is the new norm, and motion is everywhere – not just in video, but also in web design and web interaction. Recognising the increasingly essential nature of motion in online content, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) approached us to produce their branding in motion.

The Challenge

Composed of nine councils, UKRI charged us with developing motion branding assets for all UKRI’s digital presence, as well as a guide for implementing the assets. 

Our Solution

We utilised our experience to create a suite of motion branding assets – intro/outro stings, subtitles, animated text overlay, lower thirds, and title screen graphics – along with a technical manual on how to use them. 

Serving as URKI’s universal guide for implementing motion branding, this resource ensures consistency over all channels across the organisation’s nine councils. Both the assets and manual received a great reception, and the work is now being implemented in every piece of content produced for the government body. 

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