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There’s a massive amount of video content being published every day. And the last thing your audience needs is another brand mindlessly contributing to the noise.

Simply put, branded content is an umbrella term for one-off pieces of material that build your brand. It could be an explainer animation, an infographic, a web banner – anything creative that helps communicate your messages. And the value branded content can provide to organisations is huge.

Grabbing attention with quality video content
From vloggers and influencers to naive brands, there’s a massive amount of video content being published every day. And the last thing your audience needs is another brand mindlessly contributing to the noise.

Bad content is ineffective. Your audience has learned to tune it out. The good news? It’s not difficult to do better. Quality video content captures attention immediately and communicates a brand message clearly. It hooks the viewer from the get-go and keeps their interest.  Recently, we helped US luxury mattress provider DreamCloud do just this with their Dream It, Do It social media campaign. Off the back of true dream stories, we created rich character animations, beautifully stylised to show how a good night’s sleep can give you the energy you need to make your dreams a reality.

dreamcloudDreamCloud | Dream It Do It

Making complex simple with explainer animations
Sometimes, you’ve got a complex message to get across – one that can be a little overwhelming for your audience.

Explainer animations can be a powerful way to break down complex ideas, translating these ideas into easily-digestible, audience-centric messaging, and communicating them clearly and succinctly through compelling storytelling. It’s often useful for tech companies or financial services brands, as they often have a lot of internal-facing language that needs to be translated into the tangible benefits they offer their audience.

For example, in our work with Deloitte, we helped them communicate their comparatively complex offering through a series of straight-forward animations.

Making The Case For Creative In Regulated Industries mainDeloitte | VAT in the GCC

Making data digestible through infographics
Other times, you might have a lot of data you need to communicate. But audiences often balk at stat-heavy reading material – it looks overwhelming. Using clear, intuitive graphics and data visualisation approaches, infographics can make this data not just easier – but more engaging, too.

Working with John Lewis, we helped them communicate their pension plan to their teams through personalised infographics for specific internal demographics. Part of a larger corporate communications campaign, the infographics contributed to an over 250% increase in pension subscribers.

john lewisJohn Lewis | Pension Scheme

Engaging your audience with interactive content
Not all marketing is about communicating a message – sometimes you just need to get people in the door. And interactive content is a great way to get your audience interacting with your brand in a fun, memorable way.

Whether it’s a social media execution or a digital experience, interactive content can help you capture your audience’s attention – and when it’s done right, it can help guide them where you want them to go.

Working with We Are Social, we created a unique running game for our client Adidas where, users compete against Mo Salah, one of the fastest runners in the Premier League. Triggered from Instagram, the game drove traffic to the Adidas website, where users were able to buy a limited edition boot.

adidasAdidas | Mo Salah Speeder

So where does my brand fit in?
These are just a few examples of some of the branded content we’ve created for our clients – but it covers many more areas. And because it’s such a broad term, it gives us the scope to cater to business challenges of any size or type.

So whatever problem you’re looking to solve, you can get in touch and find out which branded content is right for you.

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