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Featured in the Drum: Human v machine: Who will win our competition between an AI and a real writer?

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Over the past 12 months there has been an influx of AI technologies that have captured the imagination, no doubt setting a few nervous “job security” butterflies aflutter.

We've spent hours prompting DALLE-2 and sitting agog while Lex finished our sentences. The launch of ChatGPT, has brought the tech to a wider audience, with interest levels going through the roof. 

At Nucco, our discussion has already moved on from whether it’s cool (it is), to 'how good or useful are the tools in reality?'

So, with the help of The Drum, we decided to set a test. Human v AI. Human and machine asked to complete the same task: the writing of a short article examining “The power of AI in creative industries”.

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Look out for our human v AI test articles. Let’s see who’s best.

Check it out the competition here.

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