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DE BEERS GROUP | LEARNING A digital training platform for the De Beers Group workforce and partners


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Nucco worked with the International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), part of De Beers Group, to create an educational digital platform for their workforce and partners.The IIGDR approached Nucco to help them create an interactive platform to train their global workforce and partners about all aspects of the diamond industry. This included producing both printed and video content as well as designing an interactive online course on the diamond grading process.

This project involved working closely with De Beers Group diamond experts to translate their knowledge of the industry from complex information into engaging B2B educational content. We also worked in collaboration with the digital partner Ridgeway to create the visual content – animation, UI design, infographics, illustrations – for their online education hub explaining the entire diamond grading process from mining to selling.    

Nucco also produced two educational videos in different languages for De Beers Group international audience.  The first one introduces the IIDGR’s Diamond Foundation Course – a course providing valuable insight into the key issues affecting the diamond sector to help aspiring diamond industry professionals maximising their potential. The second video aims to train the De Beers Group retail workforce on the IIDGR’s technological resources, research, and services.

Our team also created a variety of educational assets in print form to complement the online learning tools; including infographics and a series of 12 printed textbooks. All the online training material and books have been translated from English into Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Mandarin and Chinese to fit De Beers Group’s different markets and reach their international audience of diamond professionals.

Alongside these educational tools, we created a series of marketing assets -video teasers, books, posters, leaflets etc. – both in digital and printed form to help the IIDGR promote its mission and share De Beers Group’s expertise in the diamond industry with other businesses in the sector. ​​​​​​​

Since 2018, over 20,000 students have been educated online through the Diamond Foundation course.   

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de beers group digital training platform image

de beers group digital training education platform imagede beers group digital training platform image

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